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Hi! I’m Jonah

I am from the beautiful island of the Philippines who has a unique passion for uncovering food origins while traveling. As a passionate food enthusiast, integrative nurse, and eco-conscious explorer, I am dedicated to unraveling the culinary traditions of each destination I visit. I believe that in today’s world, where fusion and blending of foods has become prevalent, it is crucial to explore and understand the traditional recipes and origins that have shaped our favorite dishes. By doing so, we not only preserve cultural heritage but also make informed choices about what we consume, benefiting our health, the environment, and our cultural identity.

Through my blog and various platforms, I aim to shed light on the fusion of cuisines and the loss of knowledge surrounding traditional recipes and origins. Join me on a journey of culinary discovery as we uncover hidden stories, seek out traditional recipes, and celebrate the roots of our favorite dishes. Together, let’s honor the past, enrich the present, and pave the way towards a sustainable future.