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Hey there! I’m Jonah Estanislao-Motati, and I’m thrilled to have you here! Coming from the beautiful Philippines, I’ve had quite an adventurous journey!

With 7 years at K.F.I. (NGO), starting from my college days, I wore many hats! I began by caring for orphans, then moved on to organizing medical missions and worked as a phlebotomist at the clinic lab. Additionally, I served as a Medical Coordinator, bridging the gap between the free clinic and media outlets. In this role, I facilitated connections between indigent patients and well-known doctors in the country who offered free medical services in exchange for TV exposure. This experience eventually led me to become the CEO’s right hand. However, I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled working in an office environment. That’s when I decided to return to my roots and continue working as a Nurse.

Transitioning from this dynamic environment, I spent a decade as a Holistic Nurse specializing in geriatric care. During this time, I found deep satisfaction in assisting patients with chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases (such as Bullous Pemphigoid, Stomach cancer, DM II, etc) on their paths to recovery.

Throughout my nursing career, from working with orphans to high-profile patients, I’ve gained expertise in conventional practices as well as Integrative Medicine approaches (that includes TCM, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, IV Nutritionals, Chelation therapy, Bio-oxidative therapy) and Functional Medicine. Despite my medical background, my passion for exploration continues, and living in harmony with nature took me down a different path.

Working as Medical Mission coordinator of Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc.Organizing KFI Medical Missions in 2006-2007
Beverly Hills Medical Group nurses with Late Senator Miriam Defensor SantiagoBeverly Hills Medical Group nurses with Dr. Florencio Lucero and Late Senator Miriam Santiago 2014
Advance Functional Medicine Conference with Dr. Lady Ruvi Tagulao and Dr. Masa NiezAttending Advanced Functional Medicine Conference with Dr. Lady Tagulao and Dr. Masa Niez
Advance Functional Medicine Conference with Dr. Lady Ruvi Tagulao and Dr. Masa Niez
TCM training Traditional Chinese Medicine class 2017

For over five years now, I’ve fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle, traveling across the globe and prioritizing environmental consciousness every step of the way. Alongside embracing diverse cultures, I’ve developed a keen interest in traditional cooking methods, which I eagerly share through workshops and community events. The transformative power of food to unite people, preserve traditions, and nourish our bodies and souls with wholesome ingredients has become my guiding principle.

Nomad Ecoplate serves as a platform for me to impart this wisdom and inspire others to embrace sustainable cooking practices while relishing the deliciousness that nature provides. Together, let’s celebrate the origins of food and uncover the incredible stories behind each dish. Join me on this enriching journey as we indulge in the flavors of the world!

Stay tuned for an array of content on Nomad Ecoplate, featuring immersive cooking experiences, community stories, workshops, and, of course, a whole lot of deliciousness.

With love and flavor,

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Blogging Journey

2023 : Experience the authentic flavors of culinary origins

In 2023, immersing myself in a Yoga Shala and practicing yoga, meditation, and pranayama proved transformative, healing me from within and reigniting my creative spirit. This healing experience inspired me to revamp my entire website, embarking on a fresh journey that centers on exploring the food origins of the countries I’ve visited.

2020 : Published My First Story

In 2020, I launched my inaugural blog, delving into the stories of the unsung heroes behind our food—the farmers, vendors, and artisans. I shared my own culinary voyage and the enriching food workshops I co-hosted with a Vietnamese health coach. However, as the pandemic upended our lives, leaving Vietnam and navigating through uncertainty dampened my motivation for writing. The challenges of moving between countries and the inability to reunite with my family for three years weighed heavily on me. Regrettably, I decided to let go of my website during that time, embracing the need for self-care and resilience.

2019 : The Nomadic Journey Was Began

In 2019, my nomadic journey began after my grandmother’s passing. Left everything behind, I traveled with my then-boyfriend, now husband, from Thailand to Bhutan by land. While in India, I discovered my passion for cooking and learned from our Indian hosts. Then in 2020, stuck in Vietnam due to the pandemic, I experimented with cuisines from the countries we visited, using original ingredients and healthier alternatives. Cooking became my therapy, a form of art, and a way to connect with locals. Through Nomad Ecoplate, I share personal experiences, holistic health and food guides.

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